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Regionals was our last meet of the season before Nationals! It was held on March 9th at one of our practice facilities, Jump Around Gymnastics. Teams from around the midwest region joined us at our incredibily fun and fabulous competition.



Jump Around Gymnastics

7129 River Rd,

DeForest, WI 53532


  • NAIGC Liability Waiver

    • Navigate to “My Team”, then select “Meet Waivers” and be sure to select “Midwest Regionals” at the top before filling out the waiver​

  • Jump Around Gym Waiver​​

    • Only gymnasts who have not previously been to Jump Around Gymnastics need to fill this out​

    • Gymnasts 18+ y/o should fill out the waiver as if they are both the parent and the child

  • Every participant needs to sign both waivers prior to the competition


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allie (1).jpg

We had so much fun hosting the Midwest Regionals once again! We had 36 participants competing between our club and recently graduated WGC alumni, and 13 people from our club competed on both MAG and WAG events! We also had 2 decathletes! Additionally, we had numerous people compete some events for the first time ever! We had many athletes place in the top 3 on events at this meet as well, so congratulations to...

  • Allie Sundeen: 3T Level 9 MAG Floor, 3T Level 9 Rings, 2nd Level 9 MAG vault, 1T Level 9 Parallel Bars, 2nd Level 9 MAG All Around

  • AP Alcantar: 2nd Xcel Platinum Floor

  • Becca Tran: 1st Level 9 WAG Vault, 1st Level 9 Uneven Bars, 2nd Level 9 Beam, 1T Level 9 Floor, 1st Level 9 WAG All Around

  • Charlotte Sawicki: 2nd Xcel Platinum Beam

  • Courtney Walloch: 1T Level 8 Beam

  • Devi Madaus: 3rd Level 7 MAG Vault

  • Emily Christiansen: 2T Level 8 WAG Floor, 3rd Level 8 WAG All Around

  • Fiona Finger: 3rd Xcel Silver WAG Floor

  • Henry Ladish: 1st Level 9 Pommels, 1st Level 9 Rings

  • Isaac Alvarez: 2nd Level 7 Rings

  • LeAnna Ung: 3T Level 9 Pommels, 3T Level 9 MAG Vault

  • Maya Barron: 3T Level 9 Parallel Bars

  • Tessa Luzney: 3T Level 9 MAG Floor, 3T Level 9 Pommels, 3T Level 9 MAG Vault, 1T Level 9 High Bar, 1 Level 9 MAG All Around, 2nd Level 8 Uneven Bars

  • Tony Wang: 2nd Level 9 Rings, 1st Level 9 High Bar 


We also placed as a team in all 5 levels we had enough athletes to form a team score in: 2nd in MAG Level 7, 1st in MAG Level 9, 3rd in WAG Platinum, 1st in WAG Level 8, and 2nd in WAG Level 9. Congrats and great job to everyone who competed this weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out to support, volunteered, or coordinated things before, during, or after the meet. We couldn't have done it without you! We are looking forward to our last meet of the season, Nationals, coming up in April!

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