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Katie Bowers

Hello my name is Katie Bowers and I am running to be Treasurer of the Wisconsin Gymnastics Club 2022-2023. I am a freshman currently majoring in Civil Engineering, however, I am considering switching to Economics.

I started gymnastics when I was about 8 years old and continued up until high school when I had to discontinue because my school didn’t have a team. I was very excited to be given the opportunity through the club to continue gymnastics again since I always regretted not continuing past middle school.

I would make a great addition to the board as Treasurer because I am a very organized person and very detail oriented. I am always open to acquiring new skills that will benefit the team as I believe that the team's needs are greater than mine. I would also like to be considered as secretary as I can make a great addition there as well. Thanks for your consideration.


Running for:
1. Treasurer
2. Secretary
3. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

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