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Cai Resler

Hey everyone. It’s Cai! I am a Junior majoring in Biochemistry and on the pre-dental track. I am you current Fundraising and Volunteer chair and I would like to run for this position again. I believe I would be a good fit for this position as I already have experience serving in it. I really enjoy being an active member in the club and handling the logistics in the background. I have some great ideas for fundraisers next year as well. I have been a member of this club since my Freshmen year (the only freshmen during COVID year), which means I have been doing gymnastics for about three years now. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, going out with friends, and making Tiktoks. If you do not see me as a good fit for this position, I would also be happy serving as your Sports Coodinator or Social and Apparel Chair. Thank you for your consideration.

Running for:

1. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

2. Competitive Sports Coordinator

3. Social and Apparel Chair

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