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Sydney Koch

Hi, I am Sydney and I am a freshman double majoring in Chemical Engineering and French. I have been doing gymnastics for 14 years now and have competed on my varsity high school team and as a level 9 in USAG. I honestly could not imagine my life without gymnatics which has made me so grateful for this club. I want to be part of board, specifically as secretary, to direct this club in the right direction. I am running for secretary because I am very sociable and I want to be the person on the team you feel comfortable contacting about any questions. Additionally, I am a very active member as I am at practice almost everyday which would easily enable me to coordinate practices and carpooling. As an alternative option I am also running for treasury which I would also be equally enthusiastic to hold as my goal for that position would be to get some sponsorships for the club. I hope you consider me for either secretary or treasurer. Thank you! ❤️

Running for:

1. Secretary 

2. Treasurer

3. Vice President

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