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Daniel Grammer

Hey everyone, Daniel here! I’m a freshman majoring in data science and hope to be your Treasurer this upcoming year. I started gymnastics in elementary school and competed for JO MAG through middle school and into my freshman year of high school. I took a break to run and practice martial arts for a couple of years before returning to gymnastics this year. I come to practice very frequently, try to help where I can, and am super enthusiastic about helping run the club 😄. I think that I would make a great Treasurer because I am very organized, have experience tracking budgets through software such as Excel, and am a great communicator! I am also running for Competitive Sports Coordinator. I have extensive experience helping set up, take down, and volunteer at gymnastics events from my time in JO MAG. Especially for MAG events, I would be able to assist people in getting ready for competition—from element groups to proper transitions. Thank you everyone!

Running for:

1. Treasurer 

2. Competitive Sports Coordinator

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