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Laney Seffrood

Hi Everyone! I’m Laney Seffrood and I’m a freshman majoring in kinesiology with a certificate in athletic healthcare on the pre-PA track. I am very excited to be running for a board position for the 2023-2024 school year!

I started gymnastics as a freshman in high school and immediately fell in love with the sport. I was a captain of my high school team, and after graduating I coached all levels of xcel and a high school team as well as working at the desk at Madtown Twisters. I have a lot friendships with local coaches and great relationship with Madtown. If I’m not at the gym practicing- I’m there coaching!

My love for gymnastics has only grown since joining WGC. I think I would make a great social and apparel chair because I love talking and getting to know more about people and I have designed apparel and leotards for my old high school team and have had input on shirts for this club and others. I am also very organized and have experience in spreadsheets keeping track of things for both my high school team and Madtown Twisters from my time working at the desk there. If I’m not selected for Social and Apparel, I would appreciate your consideration for Competitive Sports Coordinator!

Running for:

1. Social and Apparel Chair

2. Competitive Sports Coordinator

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