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Gabby Vander Wegen

Hey guys, it's Gabby! A little bit about me, I'm a sophomore majoring in interior architecture with a certificate in sustainability. When I'm not doing schoolwork or gymnastics I like to read, especially true crime, draw and be outside. I am also the current social media chair, which I love and would include as one of my hobbies! Speaking of, I would like to announce that I am running for Social Media Chair again, with my very close second choice being Vice President.

I've been doing gymnastics basically my entire life, doing mainly trampoline and tumbling. I dabbled in artistic somewhat, but only really got into it once I joined the club last year since we didn't have any T&T equipment, however that is soon changing :) If anyone would like to know more about T&T or would like to learn it, I am your girl! As I mentioned before, I have absolutely loved my role as Social Media Chair this past year and would love the opportunity to do it again. This was a very hard decision for me between that and VP, so if you would like somebody else as your Media Chair or would prefer me in a bigger role of leadership, please consider me for VP. Overall, I would just really love to be a board member again and be able to represent the club! That is all, thank you for your consideration :)

Running for:

1. Media Chair

2. Vice President

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