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Ty Seefeldt

Hi (mostly) flexible people! I’m Ty (short for Tyrannosaurus rex) Seefeldt. I’m a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and I am running to be your Social and Apparel Chair.

This fall was my first time trying gymnastics. Prior to that, the only activities I’ve been involved in that could be remotely related or helpful would be pole vaulting and riding unicycles. When I signed up for the first few practices, I wasn’t certain if I would stay with the club long term due to my lack of experience, but I quickly changed my mind on that. This club does an amazing job of creating a welcoming and fun environment for its members. It’s great seeing all the different levels and experiences come together to enjoy the sport and community.

I’d like to be even more involved with the club next year and contribute more to that atmosphere as Social and Apparel Chair. I have already discussed some ideas for new socials, such as a Just Dance night or borrowing the “assassin” game from track club, with a variety of team members who are equally as excited for them as I am.

Being Social and Apparel Chair is more than just being the socials person. I think I could bring a helpful perspective to the board as someone still new to the sport, since many new members are transitioning from other sports or starting from scratch. This perspective, combined with my enthusiasm for talking to new people and getting to know them better would make me a great choice for this position.

If I’m not your first choice for Social and Apparel Chair, please consider me for Competitive Sports Coordinator. I enjoyed volunteering during Regionals and helping it run smoothly, ergo I would like to be more involved in that process in the future.

Thank you for your consideration and On Wisconsin!

Running for:

1. Social and Apparel Chair

2. Competitive Sports Coordinator

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