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Charlotte Sawicki

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte Sawicki and I am a freshman majoring in neurobiology and psychology, on the premedical track.

I have been doing gymnastics since I was in elementary school, and I competed through the USAG Xcel program all throughout middle and high school. I also have experience coaching the rec program at my old gym. I joined the gymnastics club this year since I didn’t want to give up gymnastics yet. I am glad I didn’t quit since I have fallen more in love with the sport this year. Outside of the gym, I am a part many pre-health and neuroscience related clubs on campus. I am employed as a CNA and I recently started in a research lab this semester.

I am running for the treasurer position, but would also be interested in the fundraising chair and competitive sports coordinator. I think I would be a good fit for the treasurer position specifically because I am resourceful, efficient, organized, and hardworking. I believe that my strength regarding organization would transfer well in this position when dealing with the finances of this club. I also have been coming to practice consistently, and I would love to become more involved with the club. Thank you for your consideration!

Running for:

1. Treasurer

2. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

3. Competitive Sports Coordinator

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