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Emily Christiansen

Hey team, as you may know, my name is Emily Christiansen! I am an upcoming sophomore majoring in Kinesiology and I will be running for apparel this upcoming season. Like most of us, I have been involved in gymnastics for the majority of my life, and I'm very grateful for being able to continue it in college. I've been involved in competitive gymnastics, high school gymnastics, and now college club gymnastics, which has allowed me to expand my knowledge of gymnastics. I've had multiple leadership roles, one being on my high school's NHS board. By being involved in the NHS, one of the most important things I gained from it, is the importance of being able to collaborate with others. Additionally, this year I have a position in my sorority where I worked with others and put on an event called Anchor Bowl. With my ability to work with others, we were able to make this event a success! My outgoing personality makes me able to work well with others and to be able to hear not only what I have to say, but what everyone I'm working with has to say as well. Moving on, I love designing different pieces of clothing for fun, and I'm always paying attention to the new trends while keeping them basic so that everyone can style them the way they want. I have many fun ideas for different items we could include, such as competition apparel like warm-ups, bows, or even tank tops to make our outfits at competitions a little more fun! I love this team and I want to make a positive impact on it! Please consider voting for me for apparel, thank you. :)

Running for:

1. Social and Apparel Chair

2. Competitive Sports Coordinator

3. Media Chair

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