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Gabriela Vander Wegen

Hey guys ;) It's Gabby here and I am re-running for Vice President this next year. I am a rising senior majoring in interior architecture. I would love to be the VP of the club again because I love interacting with everyone on the club and creating a welcoming community (which is basically what VP does besides helping out the president and other board members with some odds and ends)! Two years ago I was the Media Chair, which I also loved and I believe furthers my qualifications for VP as I have lots of board experience. Since I came from T&T I also would love to grow interest for it and expose members to a new side of gymnastics. If you believe I am not suitable for the role of VP I would love for you to consider me as Media Chair! I have genuinely loved being a part of this team for the past 3 years and hope to continue to lead it into the next year. Thanks guys :)

Running for:

1. Vice President

2. Media Chair

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