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LeAnna Ung

Hello club members! I am LeAnna Ung and a sophomore double majoring in legal studies and social welfare. I have been in gymnastics for 12 years and have plentiful knowledge of the sport and experience in leadership. I did rec classes since I was 7 until being part of my high school's gymnastics team in which I was captain my senior year, and in tennis as well. Those positions exposed to me the financial side of a sports team as well as the importance of communication and creativity. My love for gymnastics has only grew whilst being with WGC and I don't see it stopping! Being a dedicated participant of this club, I feel I am qualified to fulfill the role of secretary next year because I am responsible, check my emails often, and look for ways to improve the club. I will also bring exquisite communication through the continuation of fun facts of our club members. I will aim for goals that is best for the club by using my judgement and taking in input from our members. Secretary would preferred but I will be equally dedicated to competitive sports coordinator or social/apparel chair. I feel I will be a very stable addition to the board. Thanks for your consideration and listening to my speech! Much love!

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