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Melina Ung

Hi all, it's Melina Ung! I am an upcoming sophomore studying Elementary Education. I'm super excited to be running for the fundraising and volunteer chair. I have participated in many fundraising events this year and understand the importance of it. Through my leadership and volunteer experiences including being a pool supervisor, captain of my high school gymnastics and cross country team, and a volunteer in a kindergarten classroom, I have strengthened my leadership, organization, and communication skills. I have strong leadership skills that are incorporated in a friendly and kind way, and skills to ensure safety and how to respond in emergencies. I have also done gymnastics since preschool so I have a base of knowledge about gymnastics which comes in handy when helping those who are just learning the ropes of gymnastics or helping out a teammate on a skill. Also, inclusivity is extremely important to me. Whether that's welcoming new members to the club, or including someone in an activity, that is one of my top priorities. I am also running for competitive sports coordinator and secretary as my second and third choice if you believe those positions would fit me better. I have had an amazing experience with the club this year and would love to take it a step further and become more involved!

Running for:

1. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

2. Competitive Sports Coordinator

3. Secretary

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