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Becca Tran

Hi all, my name is Becca! I’m a rising sophomore studying computer science and I’d love to be your secretary this upcoming year. I’ve been involved in gymnastics my whole life and have plenty of experience that would make me a great fit for this position. Most importantly, I was team captain for my gymnastics and track team and I coach gymnastics. These positions required me to be highly organized and a strong communicator. As team captain, I organized practices and team bonding events, communicated between the team/coaches, and was a friendly and welcoming face for members. As a gymnastics coach, I create lesson plans, effectively communicate with kids, and adapt to problems that come with coaching gymnastics. I am organized, diligent, and welcoming. I had an incredible freshman year with this club and would love to play a bigger role in it. I’m very passionate about gymnastics and by giving it my all, I’m positive that I will make a fantastic and effective secretary this upcoming year. I’d also love to be considered for Media or Social & Apparel chair! Thank you!!!! #rollbadge

Running for:

1. Secretary

2. Media Chair

3. Social and Apparel Chair

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