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We are fortunate that we are able to share the space of some beautiful gyms around the Madison area, but we want to make sure that we are doing our part to keep the gyms clean and the equipment in good condition so we will hopefully have the same opportunities to use these gyms in the future. Below are a list of rules to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our relationships strong with the clubs that are generously letting us practice in their facilities. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to a board member! 

Leave Things the Way You Found Them

If you use a mat or springboard or change out a bar, etc., please put it back to the way it was when we arrived. Oftentimes these gyms have tot and rec classes early the next day, and they need to be able to count on their stations still being set up after we have been there.

Only Use Approved Mats in the Foam Pits

This rule only applies at Jump Around. Pits can squish mats pretty easily, so Jump Around has designated which mats can and cannot go into the pits. Mats with duct tape on the handles should NOT go in the pit (these are usually the "nicer" mats). If a mat does not have duct tape on the handles, it can go in the pit.

Don't Interfere With Classes

When we arrive at the gyms, there will usually still be some classes going on. Do not interfere with the classes. This also means that you should not go on equipment that is being used by the classes. If an instructor from one of the classes tells you to move so their class can use something, please just move and work on something else for a little while. The kids will eventually leave and you will be able to use any equipment at that point.

Don't Misuse the Equipment

These gyms have nice equipment, and we don't want to break it. Use equipment properly and there shouldn't be any issues. This also goes for storing equipment. For example, don't store mats on angles, etc. If you do break something or are unable to get something back to the way you found it, please inform a board member. We don't want to surprise the gym staff with broken equipment the next day.

Don't Use the Tots Equipment

This equipment is not made to withstand anything more than a child's weight, so do not go on it. Tiny tot equipment is usually found in its own section, so it's easy to see what to avoid, but just to be clear, this equipment includes single rings or bars or short ropes hanging from the ceiling, small free support wooden bars, ladders, and slides. If you see a piece of equipment you want to use and are unsure if it's tots stuff, ask a board member.


Don't Take Things From the Gyms Without Permission

This may seem obvious, but don't take little things from the gyms like tape, pre-wrap, or chalk without asking first. There are certain cases where you may be able to take a block of chalk from a gym, but please ask a board member before you do that. You are free to use the chalk that the gym provides inside the gym, but don't take it elsewhere without asking.

Be Safe

Please only attempt skills you are trained for and capable of doing. Don't just "chuck something" dangerous that you have never drilled before. If you fall and a board member, or really anyone, asks you to take a break for a few minutes, please listen. We aren't doing this because we want to see you sit out, we are doing this because we care about your safety and we want you to be able to participate in the club for as long as possible.

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