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Do I have to purchase my own leotard/singlet?

You do not have to purchase your own leotard/singlet. We will give you one to borrow and wear at competitions, but it must be returned afterwards.

If I compete, do I have to compete all around?

You can choose to compete as many or as few events as you would like. The only requirement is that if you attend Nationals, you must compete at least 2 events from the same discipline (MAG, WAG, or T&T).


I have no idea how to make a routine, where should I start?

The Resources tab under the About Us section is a great place to start! If you need help choreographing a routine or picking out skills, you can ask a board member for assistance.

Do competitions cost extra?

Competitions will cost extra, but it is usually pretty reasonable. Depending on how much you fundraise, local competitions usually cost around $25-$45. Nationals will definitely cost more considering it is a multi-day event in New Mexico. Your cost for Nationals is determined by a few factors including how many fundraising events you attend, how often you come to pracitce, and how many events you typically compete. 


What levels are offered at competitions?

Nationals offers all 3 MAG levels (modified 7, 9, and NCAA) and all 4 WAG levels (Xcel Silver and Platinum and USAG levels 8 and 9). Some other competitions may only offer a few of the levels based on the availability of judges and size of the meet. We will know the specific levels offered at competitions when we get closer to comp season.

My question wasn't answered here, what should I do?

You can message a board member or talk to one of them at practice. You can also reach out through our email ( or dm us on instagram (wiscogymnasticsclub).

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