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Quick Guides

The NAIGC quick guides offer a brief overview of the requirements for each level. These guides detail how many skills are required for a routine along with a few other details about routine specificities.


These links will take you to a landing page with much greater detail about each dicipline. Competition rules, level requirement and recommendations, and other resources can be found here, along with an FAQ section. Practically any competition related question you have can be answered by looking at this page.

NAIGC Instagram Pages

These links will take you to helpful NAIGC instagram pages. The Rules/Info page has posts that break down the level requirements as well as some sample judged and non-judged routines. The Strength/Conditioning page has various 15-30 minute lower body, core, and upper body workouts. The Main NAIGC page contains other pertinent information, but it is mainly used for Nationals updates. There is also an NAIGC memes page (not run by NAIGC), and its contents are pretty self explanatory.

Allowable Skills Lists

The code of points details the value of every FIG/USAG skill to help you craft routines according to your level's skill value requirements. Some skills are only allowed to be performed in NAIGC ("NAIGC only skills") and those can be found in the NAIGC code of points. The WAG code of points is not available online for free, but we do have access to a printed version at our gyms, so ask a board member if you are interested in seeing the WAG code of points!

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