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Charlotte Sawicki

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte and I am sophomore (going to be a Junior) majoring in Neurobiology and Psychology, on the pre-medical route. I am running for treasurer again this year since I had a great experience this past year! I have been involved in this club since my freshman year and have done gymnastics since I was in elementary school. Throughout this year, I have learned to manage the finances of this club including managing our UWCU account, our Venmo, applying for grants, and much more. I believe I have been successful so far in this position. For instance, this year we acquired all necessary funds from ASM and RecWell which helped out our expenses a lot, especially at Nationals! Additionally, I have more ideas on how to manage finances more smoothly this year due to this past experience. Overall, I hope you consider me for treasurer, and I would also be interested in fundraising and volunteer chair for a second option. Thank you for your consideration! 

Running for:

1. Treasurer

2. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

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