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The club's first competition of the semester is February 11th-12th at the University of Illinois. We will be leaving at 7 am Saturday and returning in the afternoon on Sunday. We will stay in a hotel Saturday night, and there will be a social event that evening. 

This meet will be more structured than the Mock Meet was but will still be a good experience for everyone. The biggest difference between the two is that this one will have judges. If you have questions about routine composition or what to expect, make sure to talk to Jake, Alli, Tyler, Tony, Ellen, or Jessa.

The cost of the meet will depend on how many fundraisers and community service events you have attended. If you have attended two or more events this school year, the meet will cost you $30. Otherwise, the meet will cost you $40. This fee MUST be paid in advance. Also, plan on bringing money for 3-4 meals.  ALSO, you must be attending an average of two or more practices per week leading up to the meet.


The team routine will be performed following the meet. Please attend practice to practice, and stay posted for an update about required practice so we can finalize the routine.


Saturday, February 11th

07:00 am Depart from SERF or Porter Boathouse

12:00 pm Lunch

01:00 pm Competition begins

05:30 pm Competition concludes

06:00 pm Dinner

07:00 pm Days Inn Champaign Check-in

10:00 pm Social gathering

Sunday, February 12th

09:00 am Depart from Hotel

09:30 am Breakfast

02:00 pm Return to SERF or Porter Boathouse




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