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Sydney Koch

Hi, I am Sydney and I am a sophomore double majoring in Chemical Engineering and French. I have been doing gymnastics for 15 years now and this is my second year on the team. I honestly could not imagine my life without gymnatics which has made me so grateful for this club. I want to be part of board, specifically as Fundraising and Volunteer chair. I am interested in this position as I know how important financials are to this club and I have enjoyed participating in many volunteering events. I would like to continue working with the university to volunteer at sports events and expand those opportunities as they have been some of our biggest financial contributions. Additionally, I am a very active member as I am at practice almost everyday which would allow me to make meaningful connection with everyone in the club. I am also on the board for the wakeboard club which has given me insight on how to manage a college club team. As an alternative option I am also running for Social and Apparel which I would also be equally enthusiastic to hold. I hope you consider me for either Fundraising and Volunteer chair or Social and Apparel. Thank you! ❤️

Running for:

1. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

2. Social and Apparel Chair

3. Treasurer

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