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Courtney Walloch

Hi there! My name is Courtney Walloch and I am an upcoming sophomore majoring in Kinesiology. I am super excited to be running for Competitive Sports Coordinator this upcoming season! I have done gymnastics my whole life and have been coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics at my home gym for the past three years. Competing has always been my favorite part of the sport, so I would love to be a bigger part of it! With my years of experience in gymnastics competitions, I understand the processes behind how competitions run and the importance of ensuring they run smoothly. This takes a considerable amount of leadership, organization, and communication skills–all of which my extensive experiences in gymnastics have provided me. I pride myself on being a very organized, reliable, and hard-working person who is committed to taking every step necessary to perform my job well. If not chosen for Competitive Sports Coordinator, I would also love to be your Secretary. Being a part of WGC has been the highlight of my freshman year and it would be an honor to become a larger part of it. Thank you for your consideration–I cannot wait for the 24-25 season!

Running for:

1. Competitive Sports Coordinator

2. Secretary

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