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Ella Barsness

Hey everyone, my name is Ella! I am a rising sophomore studying biomedical engineering. I already can’t wait for next year, and I would love to be your secretary or treasurer! I hope you have seen my bubbly, easygoing personality, but I also want you to know that I pride myself on my accountability! Along with my 15-year-long gymnastics career, I was the captain of my high school gymnastics team, where I managed many tasks. I planned and led a family fun night fundraiser, designed and ordered apparel, and organized team pictures. It was super fun to support all the girls on the team in high school and now in college! I was also the treasurer of The National Honor Society, where I managed all accounts and arranged all fundraisers, so I have prior experience with the expectations of a board member. The responsibilities of being treasurer and secretary rely heavily on deadlines, and I would like to present my credentials for these positions with the fact that I have never submitted a homework assignment late, and I have only once called into work. ;) Thank you for your consideration!

Running for:

1. Secretary

2. Treasurer

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