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Isaac Alvarez

Hey everyone, I’m Isaac, and I'm excited to be running for the position of Fundraising and Volunteer Chair! As a rising Junior majoring in Economics, I've been an active member of our club throughout my time here. While I may not have been involved in gymnastics for long, I've dedicated myself to supporting our club in various ways, participating in as many fundraisers, birthday parties, socials, and meets that I can.

I bring experiences from other activities like Wrestling and Taekwondo, as well as holding small academic board positions as well! Through these positions I have instructed hard-nosed kids, gathered input and feedback from students in my grade, and engaged in community service projects. My involvement in these activities, as well as being extremely open to feedback, has equipped me with skills that I believe will help me thrive in this role.

The purpose of running is not only to coordinate fundraising and volunteer events, but also to support new members who may or may not have a background in gymnastics. I want to encourage their involvement in the club, just as I have been welcomed and embraced. Thank you!

Running for:

1. Fundraising and Volunteer Chair

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