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2016 Minnesota Mock Meet

The club's first gymnastics event of the semester is December 3rd-4th at the University of Minnesota. We will depart from Madison at 7am Saturday morning and returning in the afternoon on Sunday. We will stay in a hotel Saturday night, and there will be a social event that evening. 

This meet will not be judged. Mock meet is a great opportunity for new gymnasts to get used to performing routines and for experienced gymnasts to get back into the competitive mindset. Every attendee must compete at least one event. If you have any questions about routine construction, talk to one of the officers!

The cost of the meet is $20 for members who have attended at lest one fundraising or volunteering event such as Flip For a Tip, Program sales, Zoo volunteering, etc. This does not include attending social events. Otherwise, the cost will be $30. Also plan on bringing extra cash for meals. 



Men's: Cooke Hall

Women's + FX/VT: Peik Gym


Day's Inn

2407 University Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55414


Como neighborhood

  • Free Street Parking

  • Rollins Ave SE & 15th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN

  • Distance to gym: ~1.0-1.5 mi


  • Free Street Parking

  • Dinkytown, MN

  • Distance to gym: 0.3-0.5 mi

4th St Parking ramp

  • Paid Ramp Parking

  • 1625 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

  • Distance to gym: 0.3 mi

  • Click for Rates


7:00 Departure

12:30 Meet in front of the UMN Recreation & Wellness Center

12:50 Walk up to Cooke Hall (Men’s Gym)

1:00 Open stretch and warm up

1:40 Compete First Event
2:05 Compete Second Event

2:30 Compete Third Event

2:55 Compete Fourth Event

3:20 Move to Peik Gym

3:30 Open stretch and warm up

3:40 Compete First Event
4:10 Compete Second Event

4:40 Compete Third Event

5:10 Compete Fourth Event

5:40 End of Meet: Photos & Awards

6:00 Close up gym, disperse

7:17 Big Ten Football Championships watching (if desired)

8:00 Social Gathering 


Room 1:

Jake Melvin

Austin Meyer

Andrew Maddox

Jonny So

Room 2:

Chris Stubbs

Tyler Okonek

Ari Rosenthal

Stavros Skoufis

Room 3:

Matt Lammers

Jenn MacLure

River Karl

Tony Maniscalco

Room 4:

Zach Lehmann

Jessa Justen

Sasha Satdarov

Piper Rogers

Room 5:

Maria Miltko

Karissa Lange

Ellen Gustafson

Sabrina Kabakov

Room 6:

Val Swiecichowski

Erika Wilson

Raizel Lieberman

Natalia E-Rafkin

Room 7:

Morgan Peter

Gissel Hernandez

Yuliia Kapelushna

Kailley Olson

Room 8:

Ceci Demarco

Michelle Cagney

Sara Malmanger

Randi Lea

Room 9:

Piper Lincoln

Megan Maloney

McKenna Wenzel

Maddie Gleed

Room 10:

Kieran Nichols

Mick Blackwell

Patrick Cummings


Southeast pickup is at the SERF, unless otherwise discussed with your driver. If you're not at your pickup location by 7am, YOU WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

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