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Tessa Luzney

Hello everyone! I'm Tessa Luzney, a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am running for competitive sports coordinator (re-running), with social and apparel as my second choice. With extensive leadership experience as my high school and club gymnastics team captain, a summer camp counselor for 3 years, completing two full-time internships, and previously serving as competitive sports coordinator in 2022-2023, I feel well equipped to take on this role again. I am very aware I was quite absent this past season due to my Co-Op in Florida but I will be incredibly active for my final season with the club :( . Competitions are my passion within the club, and I aim to streamline coordination and already have ideas to improve our regional competition hosting. I absolutely love being on board leadership, supporting members, fostering positivity, and enhancing morale. I strive to ensure all members are enjoying their experience with the club! I would love your vote for my final year, I am committed to making competitions a positive experience for all!

Running for:

1. Competitive Sports Coordinator

2. Social and Apparel Chair

3. Treasurer

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