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Ty Seefeldt

Hi everyone! My name is Ty and I am a junior studying mechanical engineering. I am running for social and apparel chair again since I now have a better understanding of how the position works and how to improve upon what I did this year. My main reason for running for a board position again next year is to encourage and represent new members that have no prior gymnastics experience. I feel like this is an important group for this club to retain given our commitment to making the sport more accessible and welcoming to everyone "for the love of the sport." Next year I'm hoping we'll have better access to spaces that allow for more frequent casual social events in addition to a couple larger and more official events each semester. I know much less about designing apparel, so I'd always be very open to any suggestions or help with that side of the position. I enjoyed my time on the board this year and hope you consider me for next year! Thanks for making this a great club to be a part of!

Running for:

1. Social and Apparel Chair

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