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Overview: The NAIGC 2016 National Championships will be held in Sacramento, CA from April 14th-April 17th. Registration for this event is now closed. If you must cancel for any reason, let Matt know immediately.

Travel: For a full itinerary, please see below. Detailed instructions for each stage of transit will be provided as we get closer to the meet. Please note, checked bags are NOT allowed on this trip. 

Competition: Prelims should take place on Thursday, April 14th. The Wisconsin Gymnastics Club will compete in the Women's Level 8, Women's Level 9, and Men's Classic divisions. Times are still being announced. Competition will continue with remaining teams on Friday, April 15th, and allmembers are welcome to watch free of charge. The final round of competition will take place on Saturday, April 16th at 11 am. Only qualified competitors will be competing in finals. Please ask Matt or Zach if you have any questions.

Lodging: We will be staying at La Quinta Inn Sacramento Downtown on Wednesday, April 13th. For all subsequent nights, we will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento.

Team activity: There are no scheduled activities planned for Friday, April 15th. As such, we are organizing team activities to take advantage of local sites in Sacramento. Please vote in the poll below to indicate what you would like to see/do. Please note that the team activity is optional (and will not be paid by the club).

Banquet: There will be a banquet for all competitors on Saturday, April 16th following the final round of competition. Dressing for the banquet will be formal. Please pack accordingly. There will also be a social event after the banquet.


Wednesday, April 13th

05:00 am Depart Madison

07:20 am Arrive at ORD

09:25 am Take off on United #1891

12:04 pm Land at SFO

12:39 pm Board BART to downtown SF

05:15 pm Depart San Francsico

07:45 pm Arrive in Sacramento

08:00 pm Check-in at La Quinta Inn

Thursday, April 14th

07:15 am Depart La Quinta Inn

08:00 am Session 1 (Women Level 8)

12:30 pm Session 2 (Men Classic)

05:00 pm Session 3 (Women Level 9)

Friday, April 15th (NOT mandatory)

11:00 am Depart from Regency Hyatt

12:00 pm Arrive at Sacramento Zoo

03:00 pm Leave Sacramento Zoo

03:30 pm Arrive in Old Sacramento

05:30 pm Return to Regency Hyatt

07:00 pm Dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory

Saturday, April 16th

09:00 am NAIGC meeting

11:00 am Finals competition

04:00 pm Equipment teardown

07:00 pm Banquet

09:00 pm Party

Sunday, April 17th

07:00 am Depart Sacramento

09:00 am Arrive at SFO

11:09 am Take off on United #624

05:23 pm Land at O'Hare airport

06:00 pm Depart Chicago

08:30 pm Return to Madison


Room 815





Room 908





Room 824





Room 927





Room 809





Room 808





Room 431





Room 552








Bus pick-up: 800 University Ave, Madison, WI 53706

San Francisco:

Embarcadero BART station: 298 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Greyhound bus station: 200 Folsom St #100, San Francisco, CA 94105


Greyhound bus station: 200 Folsom St #100, San Francisco, CA 94105

La Quinta Inn: 715 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Convention Center: 1400 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Regency Hyatt: 1209 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Sacramento Zoo: 3930 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95822

Old Sacramento: 916 2nd St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Old Spaghetti Factory: 1910 J St, Sacramento, CA 95811


Thursday announcements

April 14th, 2016

Great job today everyone. That was a lot of gymnastics, so tomorrow we will be taking a day off. Here are announcements:


1. Once you have arrived in your hotel room, please text me your room number. I will post this on the Facebook page and the website for your reference over the next few days. Make sure that you have also informed your roommates of your room number if not everyone has yet arrived.


2. For the WiFi, try using your own last name, as all the reservations are linked. If that doesn't work, use Lammers. If you're still having problems, you will have to contact the front desk.


3. Please do not use this page to make plans. We are trying to keep this page for important updates only. You can use Hashtag if you would like to plan other activities.


4. We have paid $150 in incidentals for each room in advance. Please keep your room clean and damage-free. Also, the mini fridge is NOT for storing personal items. That will also incur a charge.


5. There is a 24/7 party room in the hotel for NAIGC use. The Golden State Room is on the second floor. Alcohol is NOT allowed in the party room. There will be a $15 charge made by the hotel for every open bottle.


6. If you would like to go out tonight, MidTown Barfly is a 18+ dance club that is only a 10 min walk away. There will probably be a cover, so bring cash. The club is open until 2 am.


7. We will be leaving for the zoo tomorrow at 11 am. It will be a 60 min walk. If you would prefer to make other transportation plans, you are welcome to do so yourself. There is $11.75 admission fee. We will leave the zoo around 3 pm to head to Old Sacramento. If you would prefer to meet at Old Sacramento, text me tomorrow for specific details on arrival times. Lastly, we will be having dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory at 7 pm tomorrow.


8. If you have any problems, please text me at 847-804-8923.


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